Friday, June 3, 2011


            To remove oil stains from woollen clothes apply a little curd over the area and wash it after some time . The stains will vanish.
To remove stains from melamine crockery , apply a little vinegar on them and all the stains will wash away easily.
 Add the juice of one orange to a bowl full of strawberries for enhanced flavour 

Egg shell uses:
         Put egg shells to good use by powdering them in a mixer . This will clean the mixer blades and you con also use the powder for scrubbing vessels.

Bio-Amla hair oil :
        bio amla hair oil has been taking care of all types of hair to make them strong , long and elegant for the last four decades . It's right combination of herbs keeps your hair full of life rich and shiny .That 's why majority of women in Pakistan prefers bio amla hair oil over other and passes it on to the next generation because of it 's unmatched benefits.

Hair tips :

               Your hair your looks and your personality.Hair style is a deferent age groups.when is pollution ours life of part.if you Care of hair ,you likes your skin and Care to keep and healthy .The weather of winter in hair of mostly few opened.....and hair for good shampoo used it.Hair Care involves keeping and your Hair scalp clean.Hair of all problems with eat a good food,because this very effective in your hairs problems  :

Skin Tips:

            When the indoor the a morning in the sun Kerri ...use the some sunscreen lotion with a minimum thirteen minuet 30.
And Please more drinking of water ...because skin Care is a very impotent you.
Give up in the morning  more not smoking a day  .
Your skin in your life very impotent... because your skin increase good personality.
Used the some vitamin C tablas and food his finished the skin problems :

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