Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life in important you brain

 what is you life in health ?( blonde moments) - whatever you prefer to call it, we all experience forgetfulness from time to time. But there are a few simple things you can do to keep brain glitches at bay. NBC's chief medical editor Dr.Nadia Manib  offers these five easy tips to give your mental powers a boost.
Everything in moderation: Keep your alcohol intake in check
Most peoples  know that too much alcohol can impair your short-term memory. But long-term, overconsumption of alcohol can permanently impair your recall ability. Some studies have shown that moderate drinkers do better on memory tests than both heavy drinkers and even nondrinkers. Although physicians do not recommend that everyone start consuming alcohol, we certainly know that alcohol abuse can damage your brain cells and impair memory and cognition.

Mind boggling brain : Memory plays games

           Although there is plenty of controversy surrounding the memory benefits of brain-teasers and puzzles,,, for all peoples they are a good way to spend a holiday  morning. An added benefit of brain play games is that they can often be share with all your family and all friends. Social inter action is a good  way to get the neurons firing. Inter acting with both pets and peoples has been show to stave off depressive feelings and will makes you feeling youth full and vibrant for years to come.