Monday, May 30, 2011


  Rub the scrapings of bitter gourd all over your face and leave for a few minutes before washing off . Not only will you have glowing skin but black heads and pimples too will be reduced considerably.

 Dried and chafed skin remedy
        If your skin has dried and developed cracks apply mustard oil it every night before going to bed . In no time you will have a baby soft .
 Peeling garlic can be made easy by soaking the flakes in water over night .

Packing house
       When you plan to stay away from home for a long a time scatter neem leaves in all the rooms and cupboards . Your house will not smell of dust. when you return it will also be free of creepy insects .

Lentil care
       Apply a little Castor oil to deal before storing in containers . this will prevent fungal growth and deeps it fresh. However care should be taken to thoroughly wash the deal before use .

Relief from heat
     For an instant relief press a little dough on scalded finger or any other area affected be heat.

                 eyes of beauty interesting and most makes beauty full.
Mostly woman's very expensive makeup she is buyer .
woman's eyes of related is many problems.
for example not completely Cline eyes after makeup.
eyes of protect used it vita men A and vita men B and C very .
and otherwise milk, better, fish,eggs,and carrot, tomato, mangoes eyes for also is compulsory .
Compulsory of eyes is makeup before  complete the Cline your eyes.and used the nice Kareem. because  in your complete body eyes very impotent and is soft . please be care your eyes.


       It will be realized from the preceding pages that the finish on a fabric may contain a wide range of substances most of which are of such a character that they do not lend themselves easily to exact identification . Commercial finishes usually have a basis or carrier of starch gum to resin which confers more or less stiffness and acts as a binder for other ingredients . Its stiffness and handle depend on the actual basis present the percentage applied and the method of application depend on the viscosity of the paste or rather f the weight of the thickener per gallon necessary to give a paste of the usual consistency required for practical application . The thickening material may have been modified by chemical treatment which produces degradation products such as Dexedrine or glucose . Hygroscopic agents such as glycerine sodium lactate or Manning may be added . For certain purposes sugar itself is used . Soaps fats waxes or oils may be present for some cloths filling compounds such as chalk talc or other weightings may be present . Antiseptics and antimissile compounds or in recent years anti vermin compounds may be used whilst moth proofing agents are common.
    It is therefore at the present time very difficult to work out a general scheme of analysis which will systematically lead to the orderly detection of the components. Indeed the main element in any such scheme must be experience in the analysis if sizes and thickening's.
Probably the greater the experience the less is any rigid scheme adopted .