Friday, August 5, 2011

Mehndi designing for bridal

Mehndi designs is very nice the mehndi for hands very impotent.Be fore you on hands mehndi...hands complete clean and ten to eleven hours mix-up in water .mehndi design mostly woman used it .mehndi design some countries make Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, sudi Arab, malaysia, Italy, etc. mehndi design mostly made the wedding and festival religion .
    what you want your life style and more information your life,
But your life is a very simple when the  with out of fashion ,fashion is a human life style tell him and your personalty in crease it ,more mehndi design is a available in site found it your   choice thanks .

Monday, August 1, 2011

Makeup for the girls

Make up is supprisingly often a over looke ditem when planning your deam shadi.
Brides akways focus on planing their outfits. jewelliry. thir and mehndi but do not realise that,to look amazingly stunning on their
wedding day they really need to have good make up applied by a professinol.
Bridal makeup by its very naturelly is a unique requirement and your makeup regime for the big day needs careful thought and consideration.
Our bridal beauty consultant, lubna Rafiq, of Art of beauty shares some of bridal beauty insights with you ..
My personal approach to makeup for brides is one of correctove, subtle makeup that enhances the brides best features and makes her look natually radiant
and beautifull on her big day.The first thing people notice when they at a bridel is how stunning and radiant she looks,,, not her make up it self .
In fact makeup that is too obvious con look over done and artificial so understated and sopgisticated elegance is the name of the game!



     The fashion styal of bridal s 
The most woman of dream and girls thire wedding day from a early age.But Much before they even know who thay are going to marrige or marry .The most girls buy the very expanseve deassing and jewellery and make-up box etc.... but I understand party girls she when simpal dress of in very beautiful is out look .I have an intense love for fashion and bringing everything together to create the prefect look.As a models, I had done enough bridal shoots to know what I wanted and that I did not. I wanted to do things the traditional way,but on my wedding day I wanted to feel like a bride and not like, I was getting dressed for a shoot.Bridal of dress as soft and low design.

I thaing that bridal of dress in very confortable,,,,,and some few styling or brite out look.The second day I wanted something completely differen......More modern,somky eyes, pale lips and fery contemporary. A lot of people think that going to the makeup artist both days is going to mean that thay similar both days.
In my opinion, a skilled artist and of superior aesthetic sense that majed Iqbal and still be versatil. If my days long I wanted ten different beautiful,each and every day !
bridal for this colours and best season"
For the first day
Choose deep red which dose not give you a bland look because bright red or maroon both make you look stark. Other colours are green ,and light peaches and blush pink.MY favourite colours for bridal.... is this,the pick of the season is purple, with any other color to complement it,
Tip for a short bridal while choosing a bridal:
Choose a lehga is that paneled with slight tapering at the waist level and the flare starts above knee level so that you look tall . Remember to wear hight heels.

Colours of bridal dress:
Bridal of forma-ls,deep red ,dark pink,and purple just a slight touch of a third colour to accentuate the out fit,
gorgeous india bridal dress and makeup
Chang life styles For a new beginning be the frist inpression you give others of your dream wadding .At Cheney, let us guide you through the process of selecting the perfect wedding packege
to refleet your indiuduat personalty and flair.
Pip pa spent time studying the PRe. Islamic culture of Northern Afghanistan, and was Asked by Oliver stone to design the jewellery for Anglina jalie in the film, Alexander.
Her designs refer to traditional cultures, But sell to the likes of Madonna, sophie Dall and comeron Diaz.