Saturday, January 1, 2011



It is frequently desirable to determine the quality of wool used in the blend from which a yarn or fabric the been made. Results of sufficient accuracy may be obtained by fiber-diameter measurements.
The general division of wool qualities is into merino, crossbred,and cares grades.   Spanish merino is probably the best type of wool: crosses of this with native varieties have given various" crossbreds" and of these the best is botany wool. Of English wool, the coarsest ( longest staple ) are Lincoln,Leicester, Cots wold, Romney Wansley-dale ,and Devon; medium wools are south down, Shropshire, Hampshire, oxford, Suffolk downs, sorts, Rowns, sorest, and Ryland.There are various very coarse wools, used for carpers, on rained mainly from Iran, India, China and Mongolia, these contain unusually large amounts of hair and beard fibers.