Wednesday, February 16, 2011



                          It is often desirable to record the exact color of dyed material or yarn for future reference or for transmission by cable radio or letter to some distant person or for comparison with some other specimen of dyed goods, or for the purpose of making a quantitative estimation of the change in shade brought about by exposure to light or by testing for fastness to washing which cannot be made by mere visual observation.

         Of the recording methods in use some are of direct practical interest to dyers whilst other are more suited for the scientific laboratory.Of the former type are the British color council 's dictionary of standards the Ostwald color chart the love bond   Tintometer and the Toussaint colorimeter . Belonging to the second group are the Guild trichromatic colorimeter the nutting colorimeter and the Donaldson .

         All these instruments have their special uses in the recording and interpretation of color and of color changes . There is no universal methods of color measurement which can by applied to any problem and the methods to be used for the measurement of color in any particular  instance must be decided by practical considerations.