Welcome to the fashion world . The woman fashion is very famous in all the the lady in the first of world this is beautiful ,and some other special occasion nothing fits and the better than an pretty dresses in a pastel hue If you  too are on the tall side you will love reading contributing writer laura Williams.You looking for this dresses is a glass. But I mean this dress is a very cool in the to gather weather winter and summer,


                                          Get a looking for a dinner dresses mostly are used for light dress but dinner dress very simple used because your clothing save it damaging and this comfortable used with traveling basic dinner dresses ,some dinner dresses this but you have a choose the good dress for dinner .

When are some of the problems you face being a designer in Pakistan .
     Internationally fashion houses are supported by investors who may be big companies and or bankers E.T.C but I have to support my own system . There is no company here that con take over fashion houses . Another problem is the shortage of manpower . And once I have workers on whom I have spent many years of training they will not be loyal either . They will disappear on the first chance they get . Bored housewives  are mow fashion designers and people lack ethics and moral sense so these women will tempt away the Kariotta with a few more thousand rupees of salary .
      Another issue is that designers have no support from the government . If only the government would realize how this industry can help generate amazing revenues if used properly and it starts to back us up, things will improve .Our society' s top notch class and lower class is large in number but the middle bracket is empty . There are very few skilled people . Not only education should be laid stress upon , But technical education is the need of the hour .

     Are you going to venture int pert to make your designs available for a larger number of clients I am already into luxury pert .But I believe that a pert line outfit should cost between rupees 1800 to 4000 thousands . That can only be done on a mass production scale . But since since costs and overheads are too high here , I don't see it happening very soon.

Art Design'

      Ar design your increase the personalty and ....good learn the life style.Ar design mostly used it female...but now man the very intrastate Ar design Ar design mostly used in Pakistan,India, ban-gala dash, Saudi Arabia, Nepal,etc.

Designer Furnishing fabrics from all around the world

The tide of fashion is changing with eccentricty and drama becoming latest buzz word. the new illustrious house of bonanza label introduce a symphony of modern elogance an eye an attitude an exquisive sense of style.The shows was in dakar senenal africa Ayshah was invited by adama nadia the young women behind the fromising adama paris label in paris senegal and the US.Fashion is my life says Ayshah who graduated with distinction from the national college of arts >(Pakistan)strong>in 2000 for us long as Ican remember i have wanted to be a fashion designer. It has been my dreem and i live it everyday.