Monday, July 25, 2011


       fast of all chose a domin name and make a website or blog prches domin or free get in.
and now needed you template get in you templatea other websites.and register your website
and or go to the and create a blog butten on clicks and new window open page fourm
and this froum fill in as follow qusion and copmlete him froum.below list in fill.

  1. Blog title  etc  your choice .for example blog name .
  2. Blog address or (URL) for example
  3. word verification or (capcha ) bJ2JZss etc.
  4. Choose a starter template for example your website design.
  5. And your website create .Now starting your posting in website .
  6. Submit your website other website
  7. Commenting in other website this site .
  8. And forum posting this site account and post  .
  9. SEO your website .

The website is a good way make many online promotion your website and apply for ad and in website good save data ,In this website many option for your help for in main menu .

Main menu in sub menu .as a
 Comments -Settinge-Design-Monetize-Stats- etc
Posting sub menu : New Post- Edit Post-Edit Page-
Publishing and spam
Basic -Publishing -formatting -comments-archiving-site feed-Email and mobile-open id-and permission.
Design or layout :
Page elements -Edit HTML for example happier text mark-up langue -Template design.
Monetize :
Set Up AdSense-AdSense For Feeds-Amazon Associates.
Overview-Posts-traffic sources-Audience.
                           Who to make money with your blog and website with ad sense .