Thursday, May 26, 2011


        The color curve now requires analysis . A glance at the curve will show that its peak point is in the orange section of the spectrum, which is to be expected because of the color of the pattern . The position of the curve as a whole indicates to what degree a color is light or dark . If the color is light that is to say is a approaching a white then the curve will be high up on the graph . If on the other will be flatter and low down on the curve.
      The average position of the curve is termed the mean tone and is obtained by adding together the percentage of light transmitted through each of fig .ninety two will transmit the following percentages of light through the six filters
red 63 % ------Orange  64%------Yellow 49%--------Green 17%--------Blue 7%--------Violet 9%
        The mean tone will then equal 35 % and it is indicated by drawing a straight line on the graph.
The purity of a color is indicated by the percentage transmission of the dominant color compared with the percentage transmitted by the complementary to this color . For example a bright reddish orange will contain very little of its complementary color blue it will have great purity  The more blue there is presnt the more blue will be reflected from the pattern and the dirtier and flatter will the scarlet color be , This would be indicated on the graph be the curve being higher in the blue region . the purity of the orange represented in fig 92 is 64 transmission of the dominant orange minus 7 transmission of the complementary blue equals 57 .
      In the above description the amounts transmitted through the various filters are returned as percentages.