Sunday, February 13, 2011



               Is wool recovered from long staple yarns such as stockings and knitwear. Mango is wool recovered from short staple yarns woolen and milled goods. Extract or alpaca is recovered from rags by carbonizing.
               Examination o recovered wool fibers should be stripped with hydrochloric acid to remove dyestuff used in redyeing before examination of initially dark fibers . Usually there is a mixture of fibers of various colors
possibly some non wool fibers will be present . The ends of the fibers are usually torn or rigged and brush like due to mechanical and chemical treatment .Mechanical damage is well demonstrated by staining with kit-on Red G. Scales may be broken or absent . The diameter may be irregular and fibers will bend sharply instead of curving gradually . The absence of scales alone on a few fibers does not indicate a proportion of shoddy in an otherwise apparently sound sample of wool as tip wools have no scales.

                                                        UNCOMMON FIBERS

       Staple .
                  One to two cms ends regular pointed diameter fourteen to thirty four microns  medulla is a single series of regular cells zero miner five zero miner six micron diameter.
                  Generally long hairs from the mane and tail white or black very long staple showing a strong characteristic medulla frequently in commerce artificially curled by steam diameter nineteen to two hundred and fifty microns. Also short hairs one to two cms long and eighteen to hundred microns diameter are sold as horsehair . Colored horsehair is pigmented throughout its cross section dyed adulterants in cross section usually show a dark exterior and a pale interior( dyed cow-tail) .
       Musk ox.
                    Fibers two and four point and one half ins.long diameter thirteen to twenty five microns in general similar to camel hair medulla mostly absent
      Musk rat.
                    Similar to rabbit but medulla cells mostly empty .