Tuesday, January 4, 2011


To a piece o ffabric in a test tube add a few drops conc. hCI, add I C.C.water, warm ten
minutes, decant off, add a few drops of 5 % lanthanum nitrate, add one drop of
( I gm. iodine, 20 gms. KI, in 500 c.c water), add a few drop of 0.880 ammonia; brown
or blue indicates vinyl acetate or cellulose acetate.

(a)To 0'I gm, resin add 7c.c. chloroform, I C.C. glacial acetic acid, 
I C.C. I O% gromine in chloroform, shake, stand in a closed vessel: 
permanent red indicates coumarone or indene. (b) bromine in carbon 
tetrachloride, below O deg. C. gives the dibromide of indene, m.p.
31.5-32.5 deg. C. which is converted by boiling water into hydroxy-
fromide, m.p. 130'5 deg.C.:

Place a little fabric in I.C.C. of (0'0I% azobenzene phenylhydrazine 
sulphonic acid in IOO c.c. water) add 04 c.c. H2 SO4,heat in a 
steam bath for two to three minutes, cool , add a few drops of pure 
indicates a aldehyde.:

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