Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ammonium sulphamide is sometimes used in conjunction with synthetic
resins for fireprooofing. To 5c.c. of a water extract, add an equal
volume of 5% mercuri chloride: a precipitate may indicate sulphamide.
Confirmation: heat 5 c.c. of the original solution with IO% KOH solution
when vapours alkaline to litmus are given off.


Boil the fabric in water ,cool, to 5c.c. add 1-2 drops of conc. H2 SO4and
I1 drop of 3% formaldehyde; pour gently on to c.c. of conc. H2 SO4 containing
1 drop of 10% ferric chloride, without mix- ing: violet indicates casein, provided it
is present in a from sufficiently soluble for extraction.

(A) A little cloth is boiled with conc. HCI to hydrolyse any protein present into 
amino-acids. A small portion of solution is made alkaline with dilute NaOH and a 
drop of delute copper sulphable proteins (e.G.,glue) give the reaction by extraction 
with water onle. (B) spot the fabric with copper sulphate solution, stand several minutes, 
then dip in dilute NaOH solution : deep vidicates protein.

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