Tuesday, July 5, 2011


        One of the great difficulties in the measurement of color is that color depends to a large extent on the surface structure (glossy matt corrugated etc ) and hence upon the lustre of the material which is color .A further difficulty is that the eye is not as suitable an instrument as xould be desired for the purpose of measuring color because it sees a perfectly graded range of color e. g, from white to dark green as a series of small steps each differing by a slight jump from the adjacent steps . There is the further difficulty possibly the most important one of all that scientific instruments do not as a rule react to the spectrum of white light in the same manner as the eye does.

This may be illustrated simply by means of the example of an ordinary photographic plate . The eye sees a bright red and a bright green as two equally luminous surfaces but the photographic plate sees the bright red as black whilst it sees the bright green as a much more luminous color.

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